John Malkovich

Based on Survivor
Run scene once, and vote on one person to copy
Instead of voting out one person, you vote on one person to become the chosen character
Eventually everyone is playing the same character (E.g., everyone becomes John Malkovich)

  1. Run scene
  2. Choose one character to copy (let's call this character John)
  3. Choose one player to abandon their character and also play John
  4. Run scene
  5. Go to 3. Repeat until every player is playing John

Example Diagram:
(A, B, C, D, and E each represent a different character)
  1.  A B C D E
  2.  D B C D E
  3.  D B D D E
  4.  D B D D D
  5.  D D D D D

Players need to pay attention to their fellow improvisers in order to be successful
Keeps aspects of Survivor without making players feel unwanted

Potential Problems:
Can be difficult to explain
If improvisers don't get a good feel for each other's characters, the scene could completely flounder